The Lampi Foundation was founded by Christopher and Farina Kingsley to help fund social welfare and conservation projects in and around the Lampi Island Marine National Park located in the Myeik Archipelago, Myanmar. The Lampi Foundation supports turtle conservation, coral restoration, boat purchases for the Forestry Department and social welfare projects in nearby fishing villages. The Foundation is funded through efforts of the Wa Ale Resort and other partner contributions including Global Medical Volunteers and The Wildlife Conservation Society.

Through eco-tourism, Wa Ale Resort pledges to annually donate 20% of net profits and 2% of room revenue to the Lampi Foundation. It is Wa Ale commitment to help preserve and protect the Lampi Marine National Park under the guidance of the Myanmar government with the hope to set a precedent for future tourism projects in the Myeik Archipelago.


Christopher Kingsley

Founder & CEO

Christopher Kingsley has been working in Myanmar since 1995 and is the owner of Wa Ale Resort in Myanmar. He is also the founder of Brownstone Furniture, Inc. and Brownstone Upholstery, Inc. and co-owner of Kingsley-Bate, Inc.

Alexander Evans

Naturalist and Field Guide

Alexander Evans interned with ITA-Inkaterra Association in Madre de Dios, Peru. He presently monitors island wildlife, leads guided treks and helps manage turtle conservation efforts at Wa Ale Resort.

Farina Kingsley


Farina Kingsley is a culinary instructor, food consultant, and published cookbook author. She is Co-Founder of Wa Ale Resort in Myanmar and Director of Food and Beverage for Wa Ale.

Sonia Kingsley

Website Designer

Sonia Kingsley is currently a senior at Singapore American School and continuing her studies at the University of Colorado Boulder. Her passion for conservation and wildlife has prompted her to design the Lampi Foundation website.