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O.B. Wetzell

Lampi Foundation was founded to help fund social welfare and conservation projects in and around the Lampi Island Marine National Park located in Lanbi Island, Mergui Archipelago, Myanmar. The Foundation is funded through efforts of the Wa Ale Resort and other partner contributions including: Global Medical Volunteers, The Wildlife Preservation Society and OIKAS.


Founder & CEO

Christopher Kingsley
Farina Kingsley



Christopher Kingsley has been working in Myanmar since 1995 and is owner of Wa Ale Resort in Myanmar.

He is also the founder

 of Brownstone Furniture and Brownstone Upholstery

and co-owner of

Kingsley Bate, Inc

O.B. Wetzell is the founder

 of DMG Development, Thailand. He has developed several luxury resorts in Asia and is now a certified green builder

Farina Kingsley is a cullinary instructor, food consultant  and published cook book author.  She is 

the Director of Food and Beverage for Wa Ale Resort

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